Eloy’s GenCon 2016 Recap

Hey everyone!

I had an amazing GenCon 2016! I wanted to share some of the awesome with you!

The Booth

This year we had a new setup for the booth. Instead of... Read More »

Find us at GenCon2016!

Here’s a map of where to find Third Eye Games at GenCon 2016! We’re at booth 2311! Come and say hi (and buy something)!

Read More »

3EG GenCon 2016 Game Schedule

GenCon Event registration is up and running, so now’s the best time for me to let you in on the games Third Eye Games is running this year! We have... Read More »

Pip System Corebook Now in Development

A few years ago, I had this crazy idea. What if Third Eye Games made a family-style game that kids could grasp, but parents and adults could have fun... Read More »

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Preorders Available

It’s time to muster for battle. Third Eye Games is now taking pre-orders for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition hardcover, coming this April. Even if you missed the Kickstarter,... Read More »

AMP: Year Three Kickstarter is Live!

Third Eye Games is back on Kickstarter with AMP: Year Three, the next stage of evolution in the modern supers RPG. This game continues the story begun in AMP: Year One; people... Read More »

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Out in PDF

Pick your Clan…

Pick your Jutsu…

Take on an army!

Third Eye Games presents The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, an RPG of mysticism and high-flying martial arts. This edition expands the world... Read More »

Coming Soon: Sins of the Father RPG

Welcome to life as a Hellborn.

Many generations ago, one of your long-forgotten ancestors sold their soul in exchange for having their wishes granted. Everything was fine until they were... Read More »

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition Kickstarter is Live

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Third Eye Games’ RPG of high-flying martial arts action, is now on Kickstarter.

In The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, players take the role of individual ninja from... Read More »

2015 Open Call for New Writers

Third Eye Games is looking for new writers to help grow our ever-expanding game lines. If you enjoy writing and game design, we encourage you to apply.

We’re seeking talented... Read More »

AMP: Year Two PDF Now Available!

The year of fear has begun. In 2015, people with Accelerated Mutant Potential (AMPs) began emerging from every corner of the world. As their presence becomes more widely known,... Read More »

Part-Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter Live!

Third Eye Games and Encoded Designs are proud to announce the launch of the Part-Time Gods of Fate Kickstarter. This game combines the world of Part-Time Gods, one of... Read More »

3EG GenCon 2015 Game Schedule

Hey all!

Third Eye Games is going to be REALLY big this year! We have a number of awesome games ready of you to join and play. In fact, there... Read More »

AMP: Year Two Kickstarter is Live

AMP: Year Two Kickstarter Continues the Modern Supers RPG into 2016

Last year, AMP: Year One made tidal waves in the RPG community with its unique take on modern superhero... Read More »

Call for GenCon 2015 GMs

Hello everyone!

Third Eye Games is currently looking for volunteer GMs to help us out with running some of our games for GenCon 2015. We had 4 volunteers last year,... Read More »

New Years 2015 Update

Wow! 2014 was quite the year for us. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Home Life

2014 marked the second year of me doing Third Eye Games full-time. My family closed on... Read More »

Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes – PDF Available

Pick your pest, don your bottlecap helmet, and prepare to take over This House. Infestation, an RPG of Bugs and Heroes, is ready to take the world by swarm.

This... Read More »

Angels Among Us (Part-Time Gods) Out Now!

The latest sourcebook for Part-Time Gods, Third Eye Games’ RPG of divine mortals, is now available. Angels Among Us offers a look at the Nephilim, a race of half-angels... Read More »

Evolution of Apex (AMP: Year One) Now Available!

A severely mutating AMP has gone missing from her medical facility. The AMPs must track her down and make the ultimate decision: What is Apex’s fate?

In this exciting new AMP:... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #14: Post Kickstarter – A Little of Everything!

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition – Kickstarter (FUNDED)

Land of Crashing Waves and preliminary work on WX2E

Angels Among Us ready for editing

AMP: Year Two

Storm Battalion Playtests (Email me at eloy@thirdeyegames.net... Read More »

Get Your 3EG Holiday Grab Bags!

3EG Holiday Grab Bags

This holiday season, Third Eye Games is giving the gift of a fantastic value wrapped up in an exciting package. From now through January 2, 2015, you... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #13: Mostly Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition (other stuff too though)

Where I wear by old Ex Libris Nocturnes Staff shirt and talk about the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Kickstarter

API2E Updates

Chill 3rd Edition Kickstarter

V20... Read More »

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Ed Kickstarter

….is Live!!!!

Third Eye Games is kicking off the second edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., its flagship Action/Horror game with a twist of humor. In API2E you’ll join a shadow... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #12: Attack of the Buzz, API2E Kickstarter News and General Updates

Where I wear a red microfiber shirt and talk about the new adventure for AMP: Year One, finishing up work on a new expansion for Part-Time Gods and preparing... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #11: API2E Dates, AMP: Year Two Progress and Part Time Gods FATE

Where I wear a charcoal v-neck and talk about API2E Kickstarter Dates, celebrate AMP: Year One week that just ended, some progress notes on AMP: Year Two and announce... Read More »

AMP: Year One Week Begins

We’re working with Roleplayer’s Chronicle to deliver some great AMP: Year One information to you guys! Here’s what we have in store:

Monday: AMP: Year One Review Tuesday: General Announcements Wednesday: AMP: Year... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #10: API2E and AMP: Year One Mostly

Where I wear my Salty Bay Con 2014 t-shirt and do my impression of people who work for Kickstarter. I also talk about Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition and... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #9: No DragonCon, API2E and AMP: Year Two

Where I wear my green Wu Xing shirt and talk about my not attending DragonCon 2014, my role in the Firefly RPG, and development on Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd... Read More »

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Third Eye Games’ modern game of urban horror and fantasy with a twist of humor, is coming back for a sequel. Building on several years of... Read More »

AMP: Year One Now Available in Print

AMP: Year One, Third Eye Games’ new supers RPG, is now available in print from the 3EG Online Store. The year is 2015 and AMPs, people with accelerated mutant... Read More »

3EG GenCon 2014 Recap

This was an amazing year at GenCon! I’ve talked with other publishers/fans/creators/random people on the street and heard the same thing. Short Version: I didn’t feel good the whole... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #7: GenCon 2014

Where I wear my Vampire: The Requiem t-shirt and talk about how I see my GenCon 2014 going.

3EG Game/Panel Schedule

Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #6: AMP Reception and Upcoming Projects

This episode has a new angle. Hopefully you still enjoy it. I talk about the reception of AMP: Year One in the one week it’s been out and a... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #5: ENnies, AMP: Year One and Minions Proof

Super excited in this video and I don’t know why. It’s just a great day.

Show notes:

ENnies Voting Remember to put a “1” next to Camp Myth: The RPG

AMP: Year One 3EG... Read More »

AMP: Year One Available Now

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, AMP: Year One is now available in PDF and ready to supercharge your gaming sessions. In AMP, you’ll become super-powered individuals with Accelerated... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #4 – ENnies, Weird Al and New Releases

New VeeLog – ENnies, Weird Al and New Releases

I was sick last week, but here’s this week’s episode of Eloy’s VeeLog. I talk bout Camp Myth: The RPG, AMP:... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #3: Mostly AMP Updates

In this episode, I realized that I hadn’t flipped the screen in rendering until just now, so the world is backwards now but really frontwards or whatever, but I... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #2 – Artists, API and Ninja Pirates!

I’m back! Fun times making this video, so I hope you all enjoy it! I talk about AMP: Year One and the new artist for the game, as well... Read More »

Eloy’s VeeLog #1: First!, Infestation and other Updates

My first vlog where I give info on the goings on of Third Eye Games and my life in general. In this one, I talk at length about the... Read More »

3EG MomoCon 2014 Recap

Hello everyone! I had the pleasure of being invited to MomoCon 2014 as a special RPG guest for the second time in a row this year! Though, as much fun... Read More »

Announcement – Infestation RPG

Third Eye Games is excited to announce our newest family-friendly RPG, Infestation: a Game of Bugs and Heroes. Infestation is the third game to use the company’s Pip System, previously... Read More »

3EG Games/Panels at GenCon 2014

GenCon Event Listings have gone up for people to start compiling their wish lists and seeing what is out there for them to play this year. For those of... Read More »

Successful Open Call

I just wanted to pop onto the blog and tell everyone that Third Eye Games had a VERY successful open call this past month. We were able to add... Read More »

Welcome Carol Darnell to the 3EG Team

We want to take a moment to welcome Carol Darnell to our 3EG Team as the Editing Manager for our products.

You may know Carol from her co-hosting position on... Read More »

Open Call for Writers for Third Eye Games (2014)

It’s been a bit since we’ve had a good blog post and that’s because Eloy has been VERY busy working on a ton of different games and releases. He’s... Read More »

3EG GenghisCon XXXV Recap (2014)

According to the pile of inbox and direct messages I had when I sat at my computer this morning, my absence was quite noticeable. Of course, I was in... Read More »

AMP: Year One First Look – Carver & Tiers

First, I wanted to introduce you to another awesome character from AMP: Year One, named Carver. He was a doctor before developing Claws, which made his arms into large, grotesque... Read More »

AMP: Year One First Look – Pattern

Just a couple days away and I wanted to share another awesome character with you named Pattern. She has the power of Psychometry (getting visions from touching... Read More »

Feb-Wu-Ary 2014

Feb-Wu-Ary is Third Eye Games’ annual (thought it seems that we missed last year) celebration of The Ninja Crusade! In the past, we’ve offered free copies of the RPG in... Read More »

AMP: Year One First Look – Savior

Hopefully everyone is getting excited for the AMP: Year One Kickstarter starting next week on February 6. To help everyone get hyped, here is an awesome preview image... Read More »

Divine Instruments is OUT

We’re proud to announce Divine Instruments is complete and ready for consumption by the general public. If you haven’t heard the buzz on this book, check out the pitch:

Mastering Your... Read More »

Storm Battalion Update

So, for those of you who helped us out with the Storm Battalion IndieGoGo a while back, I just wanted to give some sort of update on that project. The... Read More »

AMP: Year One – Upcoming Game

Now that 2014 is upon us, I wanted to take some time and announce something I’m “super” excited about. That is, in a nutshell, a new game we’ve been... Read More »

New Year 2014 Update

Hello all! This is our first official post of 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited for what we have in store for this coming year. I want to... Read More »

Featured on Bundle of Holding

Third Eye Games is happy to announce that two of our games, Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: The RPG, are currently featured in the new Family-Friendly Bundle of Holding! There is... Read More »

Care Package #1 for Camp Myth: The RPG is Out!

Days before Game with your Kids Week, we’ve just released Care Package #1 for Camp Myth: The RPG. This nifty PDF expansion have additional playable races (Gorgons, Pixies and Yeti),... Read More »

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition Underway

If you hadn’t heard the news, in honor of API’s 5-year anniversary, we here at Third Eye Games have begun development of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition (or API2E). This version... Read More »

3EG DragonCon 2013 Recap

Wow! DragonCon 2013 was a pretty great time for me this year. This is my 4th year attending as a “professional” and it feels better and better every year.... Read More »

New Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Launched!

The time has come and this is your opportunity to support the expansion of the Part-Time Gods universe.

If you like what you hear, check out the Divine Instruments Kickstarter and... Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #5

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Tiers

And now we get to the cool tiers that we have for this Kickstarter. There are a couple of new ones that we’ve not done before, including... Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #4


We have a good number of Add-ons for this Kickstarter (the first time we’re really going hardcore with them). the one we’re most excited for is the ability to... Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #3

PDF Expansions

If the full sourcebooks sound good to you, then you’re going to love the PDF Expansions we have planned. Each of these has it’s own Stretch goal and... Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #2

Full Sourcebooks

Today, we’re revealing what we have up our sleeves regarding the sourcebooks that will be accompanying Divine Instruments during this Kickstarter. Once Divine Instruments has reached its goal, that’s when... Read More »

Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Preview #1

We’ve been talking about it and hyping it for a while now, but now the next Part-Time Gods Kickstarter is approved and ready to launch on September 3, 2013! Leading... Read More »

Upcoming DragonCon 2013 Fun!

I’m a guest again at DragonCon, Atlanta’s awesome multi-media convention! Well, guest is a strong word; I’m an “attending professional”. I’m going to call myself a guest, though, for... Read More »

3EG GenCon 2013 Recap

Where to begin? It’s hard to say, because this year was SO amazing. Picture how amazing I said it was last year and multiply that by a billion! We... Read More »

Third Eye Games at GenCon 2013

If you’re interested in what Third Eye Games has in store for GenCon 2013, then you’re in luck… cause I’m about to tell you!

GenCon Booth

We are going to be... Read More »

Part-Time Gods Week Coming!

Next week is going to be Part-Time Gods Week! We’re excited for our upcoming Kickstarter for Part-Time Gods in Sept and what better way to celebrate this than to give away... Read More »

ENnies and Me

It’s finally happened! After years of submitting, Third Eye Games has been recognized by the ENnie Awards and graced with a nomination. That’s right! Mermaid Adventures has been nominated for... Read More »

Thimble is OUT!

The long-awaiting PDF expansion for Mermaid Adventures is finally out! Now players can use the PIP System to take the role of little people called Squelks, living in the walls... Read More »

Camp Myth PDF is Done!

The wait is over! Camp Myth: The RPG is finally done and we’ve put the PDF up for sale as of today! The print version is forthcoming, so keep and... Read More »

New Part-Time Gods Kickstarter Coming

A few months ago we released a cleaned up version of Part-Time Gods for all the fans to get reacquainted with the awesome game and setting. Now, I’m here... Read More »

Top Billing Contest Winner #4

Winner for the last week of the Top Billing Contest was…

Nic Willey (Again!)

“Jack (Brandon Routh) stepped out of the bathroom of City Hall, adjusting his pants, he looked both... Read More »

Top Billing Contest #4

In the spirit of the game, we are running an awesome contest. Each week, we’ll be posting a collection of game elements at random and you can give us... Read More »

Top Billing Contest #3 Winner

And the winner for Top Billing Contest #3 is…..

Nic Willey

And here was his entry!

“In the dark of the night, a solitary figure (played by Zac Efron) shambles... Read More »

DGS 101 with Pete Figtree

I just recently did an interview with Pete Figtree for the Ruthless Diastema G+ Hangout series. We did a bit on what is awesome about the DGS and went... Read More »

Top Billing Contest #3

In the spirit of the game, we are running an awesome contest. Each week, we’ll be posting a collection of game elements at random and you can give us... Read More »

Guest at Denver Comic Con 2013!!

It’s official! I’ve been invited as a PRG Industry guest to Denver Comic Con 2013! It’s going to involve a lot of Mermaid Adventures and probably some Wu Xing: The Ninja... Read More »

Camp Myth iOS is OUT

While we’re hard at work on Camp Myth: The RPG, Chris Lewis Carter has been working on getting his next novel together and released as a cool iOS app.... Read More »

Interview with DM Fiat Podcast

Here’s a great interview with the crew over at DM Fiat! I had a little diarrhea of the mouth, so it encompasses a lot of different things we’re doing... Read More »

Top Billing – Contest #2

We’re back for the second week of the Top Billing Release Contest! Let’s make a movie! We have a great assortment this week for you. So, again, we’re looking... Read More »

Top Billing Contest #1 Winner!

You guessed it, it was definitely Ben Gettler’s submission of Chuck Norris and Air Bud! If you missed it, here it is again:

“The bounty hunter (Chuck Norris) is talking... Read More »

Top Billing Release – And Contest #1

We know it’s April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke!

I’m very proud to announce that Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game is finally available for purchase! Now you get... Read More »

The Finish Line Can Paralyze

One thing you’ll notice as a creative person is that your attention can be pulled in many different directions. This happens a lot particularly around the end of a... Read More »

Top Billing Press Release

Here we have the official press release for Top Billing, the Movie Making Card Game! If you are a card game reviewer or know anyone who is, please forward... Read More »

One Week Until Top Billing!

Just to catch everyone up on our movie making card game, Top Billing! Both and Print-N-Play and Print-On-Demand versions will be available through DriveThruRPG. We’re very excited about this... Read More »

Giving to Charity

I’ve been thinking lately about giving to charities. I’m the parent of an autistic kid myself, which has opened my eyes to how many different charity organizations there are... Read More »

New 3EG Team Members

I promised you some cool news regarding new additions to the 3EG Team. I’ve been working with some fine talented folks and every so often they show themselves to... Read More »

Misdirected Mark Autism Talks

This interview was a big deal for me. Not only did I use it to unveil Top Billing and talk about Sinister and other upcoming projects, but it’s the... Read More »

Looking for GenCon 2013 Help

Here’s where Third Eye Games is at for GenCon 2013: We have an awesome corner booth again this year for GenCon 2013, part of Studio 2 Publishing’s collection. We... Read More »

3EG MomoCon 2013 Recap

I’ll admit it, I was worried about this one. Anime conventions, by definition, and filled with a bunch of cosplay enthusiasts, dance petition and panels about the difference between... Read More »

Storm Battalion IndieGoGo

If you haven’t seen it already, I wanted to hip you all to the IndieGoGo that Brennan Bishop is running for his new game, Storm Battalion. It is the... Read More »

GM’s Day 2013!

Today is the start of GM’s Week, a special event from DriveThruRPG where you can get great discounts on hundred upon hundreds of games. Along with many other publishers, Third... Read More »

MomoCon 2013 Coming Up

I’ll be heading to MomoCon 2013 next weekend, which I’m really excited about. My strep will be gone by then, which is good, so I’ll be able to do... Read More »

God of Love – The Winner Is

We received 7 pretty great entries into the God of Love Contest. Going through them, it was genuinely difficulty to pick a winner. Even down the wire, where I... Read More »

My Blog Challenge

My blog posting had been sporadic as best. Always with a nice bite and always informative but not frequent to say that it’s a thriving bustling blog. So, I’m... Read More »

Genghis Con XXXIV Recap

This was my second year as a guest at Genghis Con (still one of the cleverest names I’ve heard yet), and I must say it was a hoot. I... Read More »

God of Love Contest

It’s February, a time of love and romance and togetherness. But as we all know, love comes in many different forms. Following that idea, Third Eye Games is running... Read More »

Part-Time Gods – Cleanup Complete

For my first order of business as a full-time game designer now, I decided to tackle something that’s been bothering me for some time now. Part-Time Gods has received so... Read More »

2012 Holiday Gifts from Third Eye Games

We here at Third Eye Games really love our fans! To show how much, we are giving away a free gift package with any purchase of a print book... Read More »

GameGeeks Review of Mermaid Adventures

I’ve been following Kurt Wiegel’s video review series, Game Geeks, since I heard the name (so about 4 years I think). He’s previously done a pretty killer episode highlighting... Read More »

Savage API Released!

Third Eye Games is proud to announce the release of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Savage Worlds Edition! It’s been about 1 1/2 year since we began the system conversion, going... Read More »

Play the Game Podcast GenCon 2012 Interview

While at GenCon 2012, I had an awesome group of podcasters from the Play the Game Podcast come up and say hi! They were very interested in what Third Eye... Read More »

Camp Myth: The RPG – Press Release

“How was my summer vacation?

It was okay, I guess. Well, except for the parts where I was electrocuted, crushed, petrified, burned, stomped, poisoned, frozen, whipped, paralyzed, teleported, clawed, shot... Read More »

3EG DragonCon Panels

So, I was able to get my hands on a cool H1-Zoom before my trip to DragonCon 2012. I used it to very cleverly (and with everyone’s... Read More »

Truth and Lies Kickstarter

Truth and Lies

We are proud to announce that the Kickstarter for our latest book is up! Check out the Wu Xing: Truth and Lies video below and see all the great bundles... Read More »

Come Join Us at GenCon

Third Eye Games is going to have a major presence at GenCon 2012. We are going to have a booth (in the Studio2 Area) for the second year in... Read More »

Something You May Know (SYMK) Clue from Third Eye Games

Hey Everyone!

Next week, on May 23rd at 9pm EST, Third Eye Games will be appearing on a live internet trivia game show called “Something You May Know”. Of course,... Read More »

3EG Adept Program

Are you a fan of Third Eye Games? Do you know Apocalypse Prevention, Inc in and out? Are you an expert with Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade or the one everyone... Read More »

Store Locator Launched

Those regular visitors to Third Eye Games will notice a new addition to the menu… the Store Locator. We’re happy to take your order here at our online store,... Read More »

Sinister Open Development

Third Eye Games has started the path toward our next game line and want you to come along for the ride. You are invited to follow our development and... Read More »

Demon-Ninja-Gods (Future Releases)

Oh what good times were had at GenCon 2011! One of the best parts, for me, was the small gathering of fans that came to my Demon-Ninja-Gods Panel. In... Read More »

Third Eye Games Joins Bits-and-Mortar

For those that don’t know, there is a Bits and Mortar movement among many publishers of indie RPGs where customers that buy the physical books (even if they buy... Read More »

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