Hermit-Mode and 2012 Con Thoughts

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Whenever I enter into the final stages of completing a project, and my fiance really hates this, I often break down all lines of communication and go into what I call “hermit-mode” in my house. This involves paying zero attention to my emails, forgetting entirely about my blog and giving rain checks to all my friends. It means a lot of working while I eat/watch tv/have family time as well. It’s frustrating because today’s market requires for a publisher/writer/artist/etc. to be out and social and in the open most of the time. Dropping off the radar can make people question where you are or simply forget about you. My fans are good about understanding it when I come back though, because…

Luckily, hermit-mode has the perk of constant productivity. Not only have I been putting the finishing touches on Land of Seed and Blossom for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, but i’ve been working on the next book for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc, outlines for the next Part-Time Gods book, system work for Sinister and even starting preliminary work on a secret game that I want to reveal probably sometime after the new year. Multi-tasking fundamental to what I do and is a skill that not everyone possesses. It can sometimes get too much for even me… which is why hermit-mode exists. It gives you the time you need stop searching the internet for discussions, worrying about tweets or googling yourself, and really gives you the space to just get some damn work done.

I’m currently coming back out of my current hermit-mode, but I anticipate going back into it before Con season starts. Speaking of which…

Conventions for 2012

I’m currently looking to expand my convention schedule for this coming year. In 2010, I did 3 cons and in 2011, I did 3 as well. It’s looking like 2012 will likely have 6. How’s that for getting out of hermit-mode? Ha! The cons I’m working on arranging right now are:

  • GenghisCon (February)
  • MetroCon (June)
  • Hypericon (July)
  • GenCon (Aug)
  • DragonCon (Sept)
  • NecronomiCon (Oct)

Not all of these are set in stone, however. GenCon is a must and Necro is my local con. DragonCon is a great con too and I hope that i’m invited back as a guest for my 3rd year straight. That’d be really cool.

HyperiCon and GenghisCon are two new ones for me, but I’m getting requests and I’m not one to say no if i can help it. Anything I can do to push 3EG out there even more, I’ll do.

MetroCon is up in the air. I went 2 years ago and really enjoyed it, but couldn’t fit it into 2011. I’m hoping that my return will be welcomed and that I can have an even bigger presence there. But it’s the one that’ll get cut if any of them do, as fun as it is. We’ll see.

So, anyway, I wanted to share what’s currently going on, but I’m done blathering at ya’ll for now!

Until next time.

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