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We received 7 pretty great entries into the God of Love Contest. Going through them, it was genuinely difficulty to pick a winner. Even down the wire, where I was down to my final 3. What we ended up with is a tie for winner. These two concepts were submitted as two sides of the same coin, and I found it impossible to split them or choose a favorite.

So, without further ado, here are the winners: Cindy Divine the goddess of Passion by Kate Wolsey and Reuben Reed the god of Love by Karl Olson.


Name: Cindy Divine

Occupation:  Adult Toy Store Owner, Dominions: Passion

Theology: Order of Meskhenet, Age: 29

Height/Weight: 5’7 126, Hair/eyes:  Red Hair and Green Eyes

Description:  Fun and easy going.  Eyes that are always laughing

Wealth: 2, Goals:  Inspire passionate living into all those around her.


“It’s time, its finally time! Meet me in 10 minutes!” She squealed

She grabbed her jacket and small box from the chair by the door and bounced into the rain.  

Cindy waited under the The Hanging Tree, double checking all the tools in her box, a chocolate covered cherry, her family’s bell and mirror, the needle, matches, a stick of cinnamon and the deep red piece of velvet.  She shut the box as she smiled and waved at the approaching boy.  She was ready to seek the passion she felt  missing from her life, the lust of life.

She arranged her circle just as she had been told and as she had dutifully practiced.  Laying each item into the circle focusing on what it meant to her and it’s purpose.  Once everything was put in its rightful place she pricked her finger and drew a small circle on the mirror.  She stared at her own image in the mirror, outlined by her very own life’s power.  Never taking her eyes off her own reflection, she lit the match and throw it into the circle.

As she hoped, she heard the crack of lightening and felt it penetrate her.

Her eyes shot open as her uncle pressed his fingers onto her forehead, she heard him say something and walk toward Reuben, who for some reason was on the ground too.  She watched him say something to him, and nod back at her.  She knew that Reuben had received something that she had not intended but that maybe he deserved.

Every thing was different after that.  Reuben had changed in her eyes, and when he suggested that they marry she couldn’t think of any other thing she would rather do than run off and elope.   Cindy relished the attention she received and the happy moments she caused in the people she met.  When they went to get their businesses off the ground she thought there was nothing better than that black skirt to get the job done.  

Her little “toy store” became an over night success even if it were on the edge of town, while Reuben busied himself with a little coffee shop.  Still she had to admit that Reuben did not interest her as much any more and in the end they divorced.  They were friends of course and the romance that he started in his shop often became impassioned at hers.   That is how it worked, even when Love and Passion get a divorce.

Bonds: Reuben Reed: 3, Customers: 2, Family: 1

Attributes: Power: 4, Vigor: 4, Insight: 3, Agility: 4, Intellect: 5, Charm: 7

Health: 14, Movement: 8

Stamina: 3, Spark/Spark points: 1/3

Skills: Acrobatics: 1, Arts: 2, Crafts: 1, Deception: 4, Empathy: 5, Fortitude: 1, Knowledge: 2, Perception: 4, Performance: 3, Persuasion: 4, Stealth: 2, Technology: 3

Entitlements: Telepathy, Picture of Health

Manifestations (Level(bonus)): Aegis: 2, Minion: 3 (+2), Puppetry: 1 (+1)

Gifts: Attractive (3), Connections (2)

Drawbacks: Curious (-2)


Name: Reuben Reed

Occupation:  Café Owner, Dominions: Love

Theology: Phoenix Society, Age: 27

Height/Weight:  5’10” 190lbs, Hair/eyes:  Dark Brown, Blue

Description:  Quiet, sweet, with striking eyes and a charming smile.

Personality:  He takes care of those around him and doesn’t seem to notice when others take advantage of him.

Wealth: 2

Goals:  Help others experience the joys of loving and being loved.


It was after 1AM when Reuben got the call.  An excited voice greeted him before he could even mumble “Hello”

“It’s time, it’s finally time!  Meet me, 10 minutes.”  

Then a click.  That was it, no thank you, no details, but then, there didn’t need to be.  He pulled on some clothes, looked out his window.  It was supposed to be a full moon, but it was hard to tell through the storm.  It was just the way she had told him.  He double checked the supplies in his cigar box.  A curl of red hair, a cotton ball, a needle, a pack of waterproof matches, a mirror for sight, a bottle of vanilla for smell, a rabbit’s foot for touch, a small bell and a piece of dark chocolate.  Everything Cindy said her Uncle told her was needed to finally complete the ritual.  Well, on his end anyway, Cindy had her own items and was working toward her own outcome.  Something about “taking on the family legacy”.  Reuben had tweaked his offerings, he just wanted love.  If it was the love of his older sister’s best friend who he’d grown feelings for throughout this year-long process, so much the better.  

Reuben trudged through the rain, to the ancient tree in front of the old courthouse.  The hanging tree where “the hanged men dripped their seed after they were hung”.  Apparently the location and that dubious distinction were important for the ritual.  

A beautiful girl, who’s red hair would have matched the curl in Reuben’s box had she not been drenched smiled at Reuben from beneath the tree.  They each arranged their ritual circles in silence, afraid that any word might jinx this spell they’d spent so much of their young lives on.  As he arranged his favorite smells, tastes and sounds Rueben felt guilty.  This was all so selfish this was all about him, other people deserved love too, why should this spell only be for him.  He held Cindy’s curl of hair in his hand, but put it back in the box.    He pricked his finger and squeezed the blood on to the cotton ball.  He’d give some of himself for others to have love, but he couldn’t force love for himself.  He looked at Cindy, she’d completed her offering.  They both lit their matches, watched at they flame sputtered in the rain then threw it into the circle.

That’s when the lightning struck.  It went right through Reuben’s chest, heart, and struck Cindy.  The next thing Reuben remembered was laying on his side in a puddle, looking over at Cindy  A strange man appeared, knelt down beside her, put two fingers on her forehead, which seemed to glow for a moment, and said “it is done”.  The stranger turned to Reuben.  

“You’re alive?”  

Reuben gurgled.

“That ritual wasn’t meant for you.”  The stranger then cocked his head, “But, it seems someone appreciated the effort.”  The stranger began to walk away, then turned back to Reuben.  “Take care of her” he said motioning his chin toward Cindy.

Reuben promised in his head he would.  Their lives changed that night.  Wherever Reuben went there was love and acceptance.  He and Cindy eloped.  They both got small business loans, Ruben felt his was given out of generosity more than credit score, and thought Cindy got hers because of the short skirt she wore.  Her adult book store on the edge of town thrived quicker than his little bakery and coffee shop in an old part of town. 

Cindy and Reuben eventually grew apart and while remaining friends, got a divorce.  Her little book store has expanded to now have an exotic dancing club.  Rueben’s coffee shop has won “best first date location” from the city paper 6 years running.  Sometimes, when he polishes these plaques, Ruben smiles wryly wondering, if any other Pantheon has a God of Love and Goddess of Passion that managed to be each other’s exes.

Bonds: Cindy – Devotion (4), Customers – Protection (2)

Attributes: Power: 3, Vigor: 4, Insight: 6, Agility: 3, Intellect: 4, Charm: 7

Health: 7, Movement: 6

Stamina: 5, Spark/Spark points: 2/6

Skills: Athletics: 2, Crafts: 8 (5+3 occupation), Empathy: 4, Fortitude: 2, Legerdemain: 3, Perception: 5, Persuasion: 6, Survival: 2

Entitlements: Protection, Purity of Spirit

Manifestations (Level(bonus)): Aegis: 3 (+2), Minion: 2, Oracle: 1 (+1)

Gifts: Refreshed Spirit (3), Strong bonds (2), Strong Spark (4)

Drawbacks: Emotional (3)

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  1. Jacob Wood says:

    These were both great. Congrats to the winners!

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