GM’s Day 2013!

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GM’s Day 2013!

Today is the start of GM’s Week, a special event from DriveThruRPG where you can get great discounts on hundred upon hundreds of games. Along with many other publishers, Third Eye Games is participating in said event as well. Why? First off, it’s a great way to bring awareness to how much a GM contributes to a group. There are plenty of players, everyone has a cool character idea, but it takes a lot to take on the role of the world those characters live in. It requires a lot of creativity and invested time. The best GMs take on the responsibility with pride, instead of treating it like a burden.

Just click on the banner if you are interested seeing more.


3 responses to “GM’s Day 2013!”

  1. TheEduhater says:

    Weird that the banner assumes the GM will be a man.

    “Better get him something nice.”

  2. S. Wright says:

    I didn’t figure there was a Glass GM Ceiling. The best players I’ve ever had were women. Can’t afford to take things for granted these days.


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