Getting Caught Up

Posted on April 5th, by firstoni in Blog. 2 comments

Earlier I talked about what it feel like when you’re almost at the finish line, but not quite. Your eye wanders and you keep finding other things to do than work on your projects. Well, today, I’m happy to say that I’ve reached completion on a few of my projects and am making considerable progress on a few others. Here’s an update of what’s going on now!

  • Land of Crashing Waves (Wu Xing) development continues. We’ve got a nice outline for the new clans and are working on getting them down on paper.
  • Divine Instruments (Part-Time Gods) is getting closer to completion. About 60% done.
  • Talks have begun on Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Second Edition. Woot!
  • Top Billing, the Movie Making Story Telling Card Game has been released!
  • Camp Myth: The RPG is 75% done! Waiting one some art and working on mechanics for Animal Companions, mainly.
  • Work is going well on Thimble, the little people expansion for Mermaid Adventures.
  • Storm Battalion is halfway through edits and will be going into layout very soon!
  • Sinister will get its own update soon, but we’ve started work on a map for it. Can’t wait to share that.

Until next time.

2 responses to “Getting Caught Up”

  1. TheEduhater says:

    Is the proposed API 2nd Ed a DGS or Savage Worlds idea?

  2. firstoni says:

    DGS, my good man. 🙂

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