Fulfilling a Goal

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I used to have a standing tradition of going to DragonCon with a few friends of mine. One is a brilliant artist and another is a very talented writer, two of my best friends in all the world and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. These are the same friends that have supported me through all my Third Eye Games production, even helping with some of the writing and artwork as well. So, yeah, close friends. It was 4 years ago that we made the promise that the next time we came to DragonCon, it would be as guests. Two of use for writing and the other for art. We made a solemn oath and spit into each others hands while holding pinkies and cut ourselves, spilling the blood into a pentagram shape and invoking spirits of friendship. I mean it was that kind of sacred vow, I’m telling you.

The next year my writing friend was invited to be a guest as a freelancer for White Wolf, which was cool. I got a small taste of what it could all be like, but i was still pretty small time. I was working on KidWorld RPG (we’ll come back to that in another post) but still didn’t have the vibrado to strike out and make my mark. Another year and i started Third Eye Games, starting my journey to become a household name for all gamers everywhere (or just to write some cool books – whichever came first).

Now that I’m on my way, i get an e-mail from another friend of mine (man, i’m popular) who happens to be organizing the ever-decreasing gaming presence of DragonCon. So, i got officially invited to go and be a guest (though without official guest status because D*Con is giving gaming the cold shoulder, but that’s a topic i don’t want to grumble about now. grumble, grumble). I’m very excited to have the opportunity to meet all the fans, meet new people, do a little bit of networking (mostly so I get to meet Fred Hicks in person and thank him for trouncing me in Words a few times a week) and hang with friends that I haven’t seen in person in a few years, like Ted Naifeh and Rucht Lilavivat. I’m most excited about the indie gaming panel and the world building panels, both of which i think i have a strong grasp on (though my stage fright may creep in… i really hope not). I also get to hang with my friends Amy and Juan, very awesome people that have extended their couch to me. hah!

So, there you go. There is a life goal that I made and am now fulfilling. I am stoked and know that only great things lay ahead. Wish me luck with my 6-7 hour drive.

Until next time.

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  1. John the Great says:

    So does this mean I can be part of your posse at the convention?

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