Following Inspiration

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I don’t know how much I suggest what I did today, at least not if you have hard dead lines, but I took the time today to follow my inspiration. For a little background, I’ve been toying around with the idea of a supers game for a long, long time (like 2 years). I wake up today with a rush of inspiration and ideas of how to make some of the powers I was struggling with months ago to work. I look at the various projects I have waiting for me to work on them, from Divine Instruments to Camp Myth to my layout work for Mecha and in the middle of it all, I just said…

I’m doing this!

So, I just spent today working on super powers, balancing and coming up with cool ideas for organization. It was ultimately successful, which is good, but of course now I have the knowledge that my whole day was could have been used on current projects was instead used on a game I won’t be releasing until 2014. Good and bad, right? Starting tomorrow, I’m back to current projects though, so keep an eye out for that stuff.

Oh, but the advice here is to follow your inspiration if you have the actual time. If you don’t, don’t do what I said.

Until next time.

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