Fiction from 3EG

Posted on April 30th, by firstoni in Blog. 1 Comment

I recently reread API Anthology: Volume 1 and it was so great for creating an atmosphere for the setting and everything. It was short collection of 9 short stories flavored for API and packed with some great color. Sadly, it didn’t get the circulation or reception it really deserved.

Now I’ve been thinking of taking that leap again for API but also possibly for one of our other game lines. Part-Time Gods especially is ripe for this kind of treatment.

What do you guys think of fiction anthologies for RPGs? What game line would you most like for us to produce fiction for?

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One response to “Fiction from 3EG”

  1. Jacob Wood says:

    I would definitely like to see some fiction for Part-Time Gods. That sounds like a hoot.

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