Fear of Success

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So, someone once told me that to have a fear of success is to ensure failure and to have a fear of failure means that’s all you’ll get. I totally don’t know who it was that told me that, but it’s a good message. Fear is the enemy of anything. I’ve known people who don’t order pizza because they are scared to talk to strangers on the phone. That leaves their tummies without doughy-topping-goodiness.

As stupid as I try to make it sound, this kind of thing circled around in my head before i took the leap to become a publisher. What if Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.s sucks and people don’t like it and it gets all kinds of horrible reviews? I’ll be ruined and i’ll never be able to write again without people cringing at my name in the book. Then again, what if it was a success? Then what if i couldn’t recreate the awesomeness? What I could never be as good and what if people hated the sourcebooks?
There are so many things in life to be scared of, but i wasn’t going to let any of that affect my decision to press on. I went ahead with Third Eye Games and look at me now.
Words of advise: Ignore fear. Accept Success.
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