Even Publishers Have Nerves

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Any creative person (writer, artist, standup comic, etc.) will tell you that the most nerve-wrecking thing is when you’ve spent a lot of time on something to eventually show to someone else for critique. When you’re creating, it becomes a very personal thing, especially the longer the project ends up spanning. Like, “It’s mine and I’m the only one that’s allowed to have an opinion on it”. Not realistic, though, huh? You have to put it out there, but giving my creations up to someone else creates a feeling of anxiety, for me at least. This applies to playtesting or even the actual release after playtesting. The sample size gets much bigger than “just me” with each step.

Now, I’ve never been the one try and please everyone with what I do, so the fear of some people not liking it really isn’t the cause. Its the fear that the people that should like it won’t due to some integral problem with it. It doesn’t matter how much playtesting I do beforehand, I just always have butterflies until i start to get the actual feedback. If even one person says “oh, this is cool”, then i can calm down. lol.

If you’ve been following, you’ll know why I’m currently having these feelings. I just sent out the Mermaid Adventures playtest files to half a dozen groups asking for their uncensored feedback on my new game. Though I think it’s pretty spiffy, I guess i’m just a worrier.

This is my ninth book and the ninth time I’ve had this feeling. I know it’ll end up ok, but thought I’d share.

Until next time.

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