Demon-Ninja-Gods (Future Releases)

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Demon-Ninja-Gods (Future Releases)

Oh what good times were had at GenCon 2011! One of the best parts, for me, was the small gathering of fans that came to my Demon-Ninja-Gods Panel. In this panel, got to talk about the 3 gamelines that already exist, the sourcebooks coming for each one and also the new games that are coming in the next year (if i have anything to say about it). Thank you to those that came, but it’s time to make the info public for everyone now! Below are the highlights of the panel:

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

My very first gameline still has a really loyal fanbase and i can’t thank them enough. We talked a little bit about what the newest sourcebook, Demon Codex: Spectrals, adds to to the game and then went on to what will be next. The fans voted for it and we deliver. Next books are API Worldwide: South America, Demon Codex: Burners and then API Worldwide: Japan (which means kappas!).

Also, there was quite the buzz about API Savage World Edition. We are simply waiting for a few approvals from Pinnacle and then we’d begin layout. Our playtesters (and those that played in our GenCon 2011 game during Savage Saturday Night) had a ball with the rules changes we have made, so we’re excited to get it out there! It is very much a mix of Savage Worlds and Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., reflecting both equally.

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

We talked a bit about the Land of Seed and Blossom sourcebook, which will add 7 additional clans to the game! Which is absolutely awesome! Then we talked about the coming books afterword: Wu Xing: Truth and Lies (detailing the Hidden Strands of Fate and the Will of Iron) and Wu Xing: Land of Crashing Waves (with a lot more information on the Island nations and their ninja).

The idea of a Savage Wu Xing was raised. It’s still in debate and very much depends on how Savage API is received and if we can make it work without losing the flavor of the Wu Xing world. We’ll see.

Part-Time Gods

There was quite a bit of talk about Part-Time Gods all during GenCon 2011! The book sold several copies and we had a lot of Kickstarter backers come up and say hi! And so, when it came to revealing the first sourcebook for the newest of 3EG’s gamelines, it was a no brainer. the book will be called Divine Instruments, detailing many of the tools that a god has at his/her disposal and providing lots of options/expandable rulesets for them. Everything from worshippers to territory to awesome new relics will be explored.

My 4th Gameline

No news on this yet. It is in development, but there are a lot of fire burning at this moment. 2012 is going to be a year of support for the games that exist and i think Third Eye Games will be better for it.

The Publishing Game

Also announced during the panel is how Third Eye Games is beginning the process of publishing other writers’ games. This is a big step for us and I can’t thank the writers who believe is us enough. So without further ado, we have two new games that are currently in the works that we hope to see the light of day in 2012. Look out for more information in 2012 as we get closer to having these game completed.

Storm Battalion, by Brennan Bishop – Fans of Third Eye Games know Brennan as the crazy man that writes about reverse spectral triangles and ninja fights on tightropes. Now he is also working on his own game. Set in Canada, it is an alternate history piece about the French-Indian War if there were also Dimension Storms, living machines and mutants. Its the first military-themed game that will be using the DGS, so we are very excited (especially about the cool new Morale system that we are working on).

Bahati, by Steven Markley – A newcomer to Third Eye Games, Steven (also known as IHAL) has developed a very unique game. Players of Bahati take the role of heroes in a distinctive world based on traditional African folklore. It is going to be the first game under Third Eye Games to have its own system apart from the DGS, but it is one that fits the game perfectly. So far, it is beautiful.

Until next time.

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