Decompression Time

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I don’t know about other writers, but i write a lot. I write in the morning, noon and night and the early morning and into the cosmos. For hours and hours and hours. Sometimes that produces thousands of words or a really good outline or sometimes it’s a lot of me staring at my computer screen trying to figure out exactly what it is i’m supposed to be writing. I also work on several projects at once, meaning that it can sometimes feel like i’ve accomplished nothing, even if i’ve put a lot a work to progress them all just a little bit.

In the recent weeks i’ve been working on a great (if i do say so myself) adventure for Hollow Earth Expediton. I don’t know how much of this i can give away, so i’m going to be conservative and just say that if you like my style of writing, then you’ll likely be fond of this adventure. Just a hint of humor in it, even though i don’t think it was actually asked for. It’s hard for me to let go of it sometimes. ha!

So, now that that project is done, even though i have a few others currently on their own burners, i’m going to do what i suggest to any writer:

Take some time to decompress after you finish a project.

I know that not everyone has the same opportunity to do this. Those with horrible deadlines and looming editors need to try to find a few moments to themselves. I have the luxury of being my own boss. I’m the one that sets my release dates and i’m the one that can delegate tasks out if i really don’t feel like doing them (though i do try to hold on to these kinds of favors until i REALLY need them). With freelancing, i determine whether i take a job or not, so that feeds into the same idea.

I’m going to be cuddling up with the kids and finishing the Star Wars trilogy, going out on a few dates with my girlfriend to celebrate our coming anniversary, catching up on my social networking, reading more, and generally loafing about for at least a few days. Then, of course, i’ll be climbing back into the writing chair (which is my new comfy couch that i use my laptop on) to finish up the tail end of Wu Xing: The Firebrands and start on getting more of Part-Time Gods together.

Until then, i’ll be chilling.

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