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I’ve been enraptured by the rapper, Childish Gambino, as of late. For those of you that do not know of him, let me enlighten you and enrich your life. You may know this awesome rapper as Donald Glover, one of the stars of Community (also one of my favorite shows). I love Community and the wacky exploits of Troy and Abed. They were so silly and very entertaining. It’s probably one of the best written shows on TV today, besides 30 Rock.

Donald Glover as Troy

Then I started looking deeper at this Donald Glover (No relation) and what else he’s done. I watched an awkward, but hilarious movie called Mystery Team that he starred in. Funny enough, he used to write for 30 Rock. That already gave him props in my book. Then I saw that he has a comedy stand-up special out, “Donald Glover – Weirdo”. I watched it. It’s almost TOO funny, but one of the important things he says in the special is this:

“I’m sure you guys all know me as Troy on Community. Well, this shit isn’t going to be anything like that.”

And I was hooked. He’s got so many dimensions that it makes being a fan of his VERY easy, since you’re bound to like “something” he does. Actor, Writer, Comedian, and I thought that was probably it.

Then I found that he was also a rapper. I first checked out his video for a song called Freaks and Geeks, basically just him and a camera and an awesome collection of rhymes, puns and wordplay.

After enjoying his style and his flow, I just had to check out his other stuff (which luckily he has most of it online for free). I can best describe his flow as a mixture of MC Frontalot and Kanye West, taking the best things about both and throwing out the worst. There’s a lot of cursing, but mostly in jest, and his raps are very much about how awesome his is and how haters can go f**k themselves. Mixed into all of that is a a real sense of honesty in his raps. After listening to Childish Gambino, I really feel like I know him and that I could totally be friends with this guy.

His raps speak to me on another level entirely. He talks about the adversity he’s faced and a lot of it was similar to my own: people telling you you can’t do it, calling you things like coconut or oreo (dark on the outside, white on the inside). He also raps about how he got over that and how much better his life is for it. In the end, though, i’m a sucker for an old school rap style with modern flair that can make me think and occasionally laugh. Here’re a few of my favorite lines from Childish Gambino.

“These rappers are afraid of him. Cause I’m a beast, bitch, Gir, Invader Zim”

“Why these mothafuckas think they wakin’ up in pain? Cause they sleepin’ on the hardest nigga in this game”

“And this next part, sounds like nonsense. But I swear to God, Tina Fey gave me confidence. Taught me everything that is good comes from honesty. Everybody’s got a voice, you just gotta follow it”

Do yourselves a favor and check out Childish Gambino.

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