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Divine Instruments is OUT

Posted on January 17th, by firstoni in Blog, Books, News. 3 comments

We’re proud to announce Divine Instruments is complete and ready for consumption by the general public. If you haven’t heard the buzz on this book, check out the pitch:

Mastering Your Tools

Surviving as a god is tough, and no one can last without the best tools available. The right followers can enhance your way of life and your power base. Possessing a powerful artifact can help to show your strength. Reinforcing your territory makes sure other gods know where the line in the sand is drawn. Divine Instruments is the first sourcebook for Part-Time Gods, expanding on the most vital of these tools at a god’s disposal: Worshippers, Territory and Relics.

This book includes:

Rules for a more intimate approach to worshippers and their effect on a god. Also, rules for making and playing as Champions or God-Killers from among your flock.
New info on how divine territory is collected, distributed and fought by in the daily struggle between gods for power. Includes new Divine Improvements, like Temples, Shrines and Sanctums.
New options for starting Relics, as well as rules for how modern gods can become Relic Crafters themselves. Also includes rules on relics that house the souls of the old gods, the Soulbound.
Three new Theologies for … Read More »

Mermaid Adventures Released!

Posted on June 28th, by firstoni in Books. No Comments

The time has come and Mermaid Adventures, an RPG of Undersea Fun, is finally out in print! Currently, you can only get it from the 3EG Online Store, but it should be out for regular distribution in August. Obviously, Mermaid Adventures will also be at GenCon, so be sure to come out and say hi to me and the Third Eye Games crew!

Learn More about Mermaid Adventures

Discuss Mermaid Adventures

Mermaid Adventures RPG

Posted on May 3rd, by firstoni in Books. No Comments

Create your own mermaid and go on zany adventures with a new, simple system that’s great for kids and adults alike!

Wu Xing: The Land of Seed and Blossom PDF

Posted on November 22nd, by firstoni in Books. No Comments

The long-awaited second sourcebook for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, the Land of Seed and Blossom is finally out on PDF. It includes seven new clans and tons of new player options. Print copies are coming soon, but be sure to pick up the book for 10% at the 3EG Online Store.

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