Cards are hard but fun

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I’ve been working on a little game called Top Billing for a while now, created with a friend of mine months ago. Now, of course, we’re getting down to the wire and I’m working hard to figure out the best way to approach it. We did make some decision based on your feedback from about a week ago though (thanks to everyone who responded to that blog post). Top Billing will be released for the month of April in print-n-play and POD version so everyone can grab a deck, check it out, write-up reviews and have the awesome play experience.

After April, we should be ready to launch a Kickstarter for Top Billing that will include not only professionally printed deck with purdy boxes for a lower price point, but also promo cards and input on deciding which expansions are released! We already have a few in the work and a good Kickstarter will make it all the more possible.

I’m super excited about this project and can’t wait for all of you have fun with it. All the playtesters had a ball.

Until next time.

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