Bringing Sinister Back on Line (Sinister RPG)

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Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride. 

Con season is slowing which means I can start devoting more work on Sinister again. I’m sure there’re a few fans out there just as excited about this as I am. I’ve got some new ideas that have been juggling around in my head and we’ll be inching closer and closer to 2013 and the kickstarter for Sinister that the new year brings. There’s going to be a few differences, though.

  • Posts will be inspire-based, so not always on a friday. It was fun, but I might have more to say that I don’t want to just cram into a single day a week.
  • David Bednar is no longer directly associated with the project. He helped to shape a lot of the ideas with his art, but has gotten an awesome new job as an animator. Who am I to hold him back? Fly, beautiful bird, fly! If you want to see what he’s up too, check out this video he did. It’s frickin’ cool!

With that said, I’ll be on the lookout for some new artists who may take it in even more different directions. Who knows? All I know is that I’m ready to get back into this and I hope everyone is ready to jump in the side car!

Until next time.

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