Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

An Action Horror RPG… with a Twist of Humor

Come Join the Fight to Protect Earth!

Monsters and demons have existed on Earth since its inception, terrorizing humanity throughout history. But some of them decided to fight back, creating a company of like-minded beings (even other demons) to defend the Earth from supernatural threats. Today, the shadow company has it’s hands in every facet of life all around the globe, using this grasp to police supernatural activity. Demon races that live on Earth (i.e. the aquatic Lochs, shapeshifting Changelings, pyrotechnic Burners, or even the enslaved Fauns) have joined the company as well, ensuring their safety as well as humanity’s.

Each agent arms themselves in a different way. Some become adepts, practitioners of magic who can learn from unique and highly customizable Paths of Magic. Some enhance their body with Cybernetic implants, chipping away a small portion of their humanity for the greater good. Some train heavily in Combat Training, learning to protect themselves without reliance on experimental technology or the very magic they seek to stop. Others meet somewhere in the middle. With almost limitless combinations of powers and abilities, they can dabble in many things and become well-rounded agents.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc… In Brief PDF
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API2E-FinalCover3EGApocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition (3EG007)

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Welcome to Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., thwarters of catastrophes, enders of end-of-world scenarios and defeaters of doomsday plans. 

Join the fight to protect Earth by enlisting in API, a worldwide company whose only mission is to stop anyone or anything who wants to harm our world. Humanity doesn’t fight this battle alone, as monsters and demons have given up their lurking to serve the alongside the company. This is their home too!

Each API agent (20 playable races) is armed with the tools for the job. Some become adepts, followers of traditions teach 18 Paths of customizable magic. Some go under the knife to enhance their body with one of over 30 Cyberware implants. Some master combat training from one of 10 types of Fighting Styles. Most agents wade the waters between these three extremes, taking advantage of the almost limitless combinations of powers at their disposal.

Powered by the the Dynamic Gaming System 2.0 (DGS2.0), every mission is filled with excitement and drama, and every battle is immersive! All you need is 1d20 and an imagination to jump into the action. Includes plenty of character creation options, antagonists to battle and an in-depth view of our modern world through the eyes of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.


BCD-Cover3EGBlue Card Duty (Adventure for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition)

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For one reason or another, the character have been put on Blue Card Duty, the lowest form of service one can perform for API. This adventure proves why it is still an essential part of what it means to be an agent, however, uncoving a much bigger plot along the way. Depending on how the agents handle themselves, they could be placed on BCD permenently or achieve a new level of respect within the company.

  • Great for beginning players and veterans alike!


Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. (3EG001)

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. defends the Earth from harm and has done so since the black plague… you would do wisely to join them. Written by Eloy Lasanta, “Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.” is a 184-page corebook that details everything you need to become agents and protect the Earth. Uses the Dynamic Gaming System (DGS), with flexible character creation and fully immersive combat mechanics and requires only a single D20 to play!

This book includes:

  • Full details regarding API, their methods and motivations
  • 10 playable races, from Humans to the vampiric Taylari and the lunatic Wolf People
  • Fully immersive Combat Mechanics, putting you inside the action!
  • Complete rules for cybernetics and 18 customizable Paths of Magic

API Savage Worlds Edition (3EG001SW)

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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. defends the Earth from harm and has done so since the black plague… you would do wisely to join them. This setting book gives you everything you need to become agents and protect the Earth, now using the fast, furious, fun Savage Worlds system.

This book includes:

  • Full details regarding API, their methods and motivations
  • 12 playable races, from Humans to the vampiric Taylari and the lunatic Wolf People
  • New systems for Magic and Cybernetics
  • A host of new Edges and Hindrances, including new Martial Arts Edges

API Worldwide: Canada (3EG002)

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API Worldwide: Canada is the first regional sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide to playing in or running adventures set in the Canadian region. Details on the dreaded entity known as the Thing Under the Ice and the plans of the Circle of Ten’s Great Strategist, along with new races, magic, creatures, and equipment await within.

This book includes:

  • Information on the region, threats to its safety and API’s strategies
  • New Equipment, Magic, Fighting Techniques, and optional Combat Mechanics
  • Playable Races for Canada, including Wendigo and mysterious Husks
  • Two Adventures included!

API Demon Codex: Lochs (3EG003)

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Demon Codex: Lochs is the first racial sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide for players and GMs to the Lochs and other newly introduced aquatic races. Details on the Loch culture, their struggle with lost power and fall from grace, their research into the Half-Loch phenomenon, and their calling to return await within.

This book includes:

  • Information on all the aspects of Loch existence on Earth and in Domainya
  • New Passions, Gifts and Drawbacks, and Aquatic Magic
  • Playable Aquatic Races, including the power hungry Voltics and the Scryers, creators of the Contagion
  • Three Adventures Included!

API Worldwide: Europe (3EG004)

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API Worldwide: Europe is the second regional sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide to adventures set in the European Union and other European locales. Details provided on the various oaths the company has made with their demon comrades… and the lengths they go to keep the Earth safe. The secrets of Europe await within.

This book includes:

  • Information on the European HQ and their efforts as keepers of API’s Oaths
  • New Equipment, Orders, and Legendary Antagonists
  • New Playable Races for Europe, including the majestic Chiron and enigmatic Hidden Folk

API Demon Codex: Spectrals (3EG005)

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Demon Codex: Spectrals is the second racial sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. and serves as a complete guide to adding ghosts and spirits to your game as characters or antagonists. Details on their dead gatherings and horrible threats await within, along with several new Evolved Spirit types that go beyond what science has deemed possible.

This book includes:

  • Information on the daily existence of Spectrals and their involvement with API
  • New Equipment, Magic, and Threats to the Dead
  • New Evolved Spirit Types and playable races, like the shambling Walkers

API Worldwide: South America (3EG006)

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Beware Your Surroundings…

From city streets to steamy jungles, South America bristles with danger. Demons, organized and aware of API, threaten to squash the company’s thin forces. Gangs roam the streets, dealing in goods both native and supernatural, and the Amazon protects itself leaving no traveler unscathed… but the worst threat comes from within. A renegade agent threatens to expose API and their work, aiming to recreate the agency in her own vision.

…But Never Forget What Lies Ahead

API Worldwide: South America is the third regional sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide to adventures set in South America. API Worldwide: South America details the threats agents will face from the dangerous mercenaries, the Ghosts of Sao Paulo, to the blood thirsty cult known as the Drummers, all of whom deserve their full attention. With limited manpower, API agents need to up the ante, utilizing deadlier hardware and magic that ranges from traditional tribal tattoos to high-end finance.

API Worldwide: South America Includes:

  • Information on the South American HQ, its location and intertwined history.
  • Detailed information on other Organizations operating in South America.
  • New Equipment, Organizations, Paths of Magic, and Antagonists.
  • New Playable Races, including the displaced Mohan, the inherently deadly Tox, and the reanimating Thirsts.
  • 2 New Adventures!

Other Products

API Anthology: Volume 1 (3EGAAV1)

Welcome to the world of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. This 9 story anthology lets you experience the mystery through the eyes of those that live in it. Take a walk on the wild side of magic, monster hunting and demons lurking around every corner. From the minds of RPG industry favorites and newcomers alike.

Authors: Brennan Bishop, Clint Black, Stacey Gossett, Mark Hall, Josh Hilden, Lyndsey Holder, John D. Kennedy, Rucht Lilavivat, and Darren Pearce

API Demon Pack 01

This PDF includes three new races from the winners of of Third Eye Games’ first demon contest in March 09. These new races are fully balanced and ready for play in any game set in the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. universe. Enjoy!
  • Naga (Serpent people entrenched in Earth’s religious cultures)
  • Jaguar Warriors (Central American blood demons)
  • Hopkins (Dimension hopping, alien-like demons)

API Demon Pack 02


The second Demon Pack holds another bunch of new races for use in any API game. Though they are flavored mainly by API Worldwide: Europe, these new demons are useable in almost any campaign. Contains the following:

  • Dunbar (Beings of stone with a viscious appetite)
  • Grandels (Aquatic race similar to an anglerfish)
  • Olivers (Born thieves with blue, sharp skin)

Crooners (Free Demon Race)

FREE Download

The Crooners, a new race for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. They come from a dimension of absolutely nothing, but made it to earth with the company’s help. Now, they are musical geniuses with powers to read the future.

In memory of Andy Hallett (August 4, 1975 – March 29, 2009) 

Seafood Chowder (Free API Adventure)

FREE Download

This adventure creates a difficult dilemma that forces the agents to pick a side in a very crucial aquatic battle of territory. The wrong choice could lose some powerful allies and make dangerous enemies. Suitable for 3-5 players.


Get Character Sheets (Single, 3-page and combat tracker), Character Creation Example (to show you how it’s done), Pregenerated Characters (6 fully filled out sheets usable in any campaign) and the Initiative Calculator (to help with running combat) on the Goodies page.

Coming Soon!

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