Another Year

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So, I’m 33 years old today! Yay!

I don’t feel any older, or wiser really, but a lot has changed for me in this last year. The most recent is that I got married to my wonderful wife Kristen. She’s the love of my life for a long time and I liked it, so I put a ring on it (as the song goes). We had about 150 people at the wedding and it has been dubbed the best wedding a lot of the guest had ever been to. The trick was that we got a party DJ that does weddings… not a wedding DJ.

But I’ve been surprised the outpouring of love that I’ve gotten from colleges and fans (it’s expected from family, so that didn’t surprise me). I received well wishes from people I hadn’t even met or had more than a passing conversation with and this startled me. It is that I have climbed to the point of pseudo-celebrity, where people that I don’t know are following my life? It kind of weirded me out, because i’m actually a very private person in most respects, but here it was that people were interested in what’s going on with me. It made me feel like I must be touching some people out there. That was the whole point behind this, right?

The other big change was releasing Mermaid Adventures. Originally, it was supposed to be a little side game that I would release alongside a big DGS release. But as the hyped built up and the fans have responded to the kickstarter, I put a lot more work and effort into it making it my big release for 2012. So far, lots of positivity and i’m being invited to cons i’ve never heard of to talk about gaming with kids, a topic I’m very passionate about.

With GenCon coming up, I’m on adrenaline crazy mode right about now. Even though it’s my birthday, I have 2 books i’m working on in hopes of getting them out in the new couple weeks and at least having preview material for GenCon. A madman’s work is never done.

I’ll be posting more regularly after GenCon, so keep an eye out.

Until next time.

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