A Look Back at 2012

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We’ve had a crazy, crazy year. Gearing up for 2013, we’ll be looking for more freelancers, more artists and more community interaction. Here’s what we’ve been looking at, however, in 2012.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. saw a brand new book, API Worldwide: South America. It’s a significant addition to the gameline, as it fits seamlessly but was the first book that I (Eloy Lasanta) did not have a hand in writing a single word. It’s an awesome book if you haven’t had the chance to figure it out. Likewise, we also released the Savage Worlds edition of API, which was welcomed with open arms by SW fans. We’re really proud of the conversion; it came out very well.

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade saw two more sourcebooks released in 2012 (the second just under the wire). Land of Seed and Blossom was our first foray into developing the other nations outside the Izou Empire. It’s a great book that added a brand new dimension and way to play Wu Xing. The second book was Truth and Lies. The PDF was completed and sent out to Kickstarter Backers yesterday and will be out next week for everyone else to buy. I wrote half the book myself, along with John D. Kennedy who took on the other half. He’s also taking on the development of the next Wu Xing book, so I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

Part-Time Gods got almost no love this year, except for some great conversations with the game’s fans. Divine Instruments, the next book in the series, got pushed back. But lucky for us all, its development is going very well and we should be getting it out in Q1 of 2013. We also have a few adventures that’ll be coming out around the same time.

Mermaid Adventures was 2012’s game (as I come out with a new one each year so far). It was amazing how it was received by parents and children alike and had the highest preorder rate of any game Third Eye Games has released to date. Apparently there is a market for kids RPGs. We hope to bring out more expansions and ideas for Mermaid Adventures in 2013 as well.

The biggest news of 2012, for us anyway, is that Eloy Lasanta will be moving to a full-time game designer in 2013. The thought that Third Eye Games has grown enough to allow for this is wonderfully encouraging for 2013.

Already mentioned, is the next book in line for Part-Time Gods, Divine Instruments. For Wu Xing, it’s Land of Crashing Waves. And there’s talk of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. 2nd Edition in 2013, commemorating it’s 5-year anniversary.

Sinister is going to be our big game for 2013 and our development blog for that will be making a comeback soon. We are also working with other creators to help them with their games. Camp MythBahati and Storm Battalion are still on the list to come out in 2013. We are also creating our very first CARD GAME! It’s called Top Billing, and it’s a storytelling movie-making card game that I think everyone is really going to enjoy.

As we keep moving forward, I hope that you’ll come along with us and keep rooting us on. Third Eye Games has some of the best fans in the whole world!

Happy New Year to you all!

Until next time.

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